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Omega Replica

Since 1983, Omega Replica has continuously evolved its Omega Replicawatches and introduced new functions and revolutionary designs. No wonder the Japanese company chose to add its cutting-edge Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Technology into Omega Replicawatch. Omega Replica's brand-new, innovative Omega ReplicaGB-6900 will be the first in a series of timepieces to feature this amazing feature.

Omega Replica can communicate with Smart Phones using Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Technology. This feature expands the functions of this watch. The first is that it can receive time calibrations via a smartphone.

The new Omega Replicaincludes an alert that will notify the user of any incoming emails or SMS sent to their smart phone. With a simple touch on the watch, you can also stop a phone from vibrating or ringing.Replica Watches The wearer of this truly incredible next-generation watch can also activate the alarm function on his smart phone using a watch's button.

Omega Replica's Low Energy Bluetooth Technology allows for continuous communication between a watch and smart phone. The battery can last up to two years if you communicate for 12 hours a day.Patek Philippe Replica Watches This type of connection has a data transfer rate of 1Mbps, and the signal range can be anywhere between two to five meters depending on your surroundings.

The Omega Replica Omega Replicais a modern product with many traditional features that are characteristic of the Omega Replicaline. The design is tough and resistant to shocks. Water resistance up to 200 meters increases the toughness.

Omega Replica GB-6900 Bluetooth Men's Watch includes five daily alarms, allowing its owner to stay on top of their daily schedule. A vibration function and an hourly time signal are also included. The Omega Replicahas a 1/100th second stopwatch, a countdown timer, and world time for 100 cities in 35 time zones.